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Ephemeric dry fountain


For this summer season, Atlantid has developed a unique new product for you: the ephemeral musical dry fountain !
Thanks to our fountains, your spaces will have an aquatic touch and playful, a way of becoming a friendly and meeting place in times of strong heat. Our fountains can be assembled and dismantled quickly.
They have the advantage of not damaging the surrounding environment and require no special arrangement.
We provide various platforms:

– 60m² with 20 jets

– 120m² with 40 jets

– 210m² with 80 jets

– Custom


During the day, our dry fountains will bring charm to your spaces. The water jets will be low heights in order to bring serenity and well-being as well as to allow young and old alike to play with the joke jets.
This platform aqualudique, made up of a multitude of jets, will let appear here and there water jets of different heights.
It is a simple solution to fight against the increasingly present heat islands in our cities.
In the evening, our fountains will dance and light up to the rhythm of the music for several magical and captivating shows. The water jets will go to higher and surprising heights than during the day, which will create captivating reactions from the public.
The water jets will dance to the rhythm of the music like a fairy ballet . This metamorphosis between day and night will surprise young and old.
It is possible to do several shows in the evening to avoid large gatherings, while allowing as many people as possible to enjoy.
It is possible to perform several programs on different music to encourage the public to come back several days after their first visit.
We will be able to adapt to your desires and your ideas whether in terms of the choice of music, of the programming, lights, number of jets…