fil d'ariane

Inauguration and anniversary

For all your commemorations or official ceremonies, ATLANTID can accompany you in your project.

The spectacle of dancing and luminous fountains with water screen makes it possible to adapt to all types of commemorations, call of June 18, first war 14-18, victory of May 8, 1945, July 14 …

Our shows are intergenerational. If we want the public and especially young people to be interested in our history and above all, to learn from it for their future, we must be able to communicate with them in a language that is understandable to them. This language must adopt their codes which pass, in particular, through music, dance or song.

The public will be won over by a unique, colorful show, with a retrospective of archive films or photos, sound effects, lights accompanied by a water show.

Unique ! Because the invisible water screen is a wonderful support that does not impair vision when it is put in place and is simply magic. It then becomes a great tool for emotional communication.

The dancing and luminous fountains can also be used for various official ceremonies such as inaugurations, twinning anniversaries, etc…

ATLANTID is at your disposal for an original animation, a unique concept to obtain the best solution for your event communication.

Our creators will be able to advise you on the best setting up in line with your site or your programming, in terms of audience expectations so that your event remains engraved in memory.

The public will be amazed by the different movements of the colorful jets of water dancing on a musical background.The great strength of our shows: the installation of water jets both outdoors (squares, esplanade, bridge …) and indoors (village hall, swimming pools, hotels …)

Music and light sculpts water, our imagination lets itself be guided…