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La Belle Epoque

La Belle Epoque

In order to give originality and dynamic to this show, we suggest that the narrator be “La Fée Electricité” which will allow the construction and the evolution to be compared. with the major historical events of La Belle Epoque.

A scenography at the service of the place, the music, the emotion, the celebration and the theme.

An original and innovative artistic project , which invites spectators to the heart of life from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. Fantasy, glares, conflagration, the water and the sky display their most beautiful effects in the image of this period.


  • Ambitious and emotional
  • Innovative and coherent
  • Created for the site and its constraints

The spectators will be surprised and impressed by the complementary alternative of strong visual animation in the service of emotion and celebration.