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Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s adventure

A water and light show on the theme of Marco Polo’s travels, combining films projected on a water screen with fountains recreating his adventures and the landscapes encountered.

Follow the adventures of the great explorer Marco Polo. Let yourself be carried away by his journey and extraordinary encounters.
Discover the many landscapes he encountered, witness his journey.
This adventure is an invitation to travel. The adventure of his life is traced from his departure from Venice with his father, until his arrival at the Mongolian court via the peaks of the Himalayan range.

This water show combines all the riches of the water fountains and transports us to an imaginary and incredible universe where the animated image on the water screen is added.
Marco Polo, this young Venetian set off to explore the world, which can be found at the court of the Emperor of China, in the prisons of embarrassment after having traveled the Silk Road. The story of this man will take us to the discovery of Asia. Thanks to this colorful spectacle, you can visit many countries.

The idea of ??associating the dancing and luminous fountains with the history of Marco Polo brings a new modernity to his adventures while using the technical means and the new tools of expression of our time.
A very beautiful staging with aquatic and luminous supports which is pleasant both visually and musically.

The quality of this great show combining water jets, music, light and animation on a water screen through a dazzling staging will offer the public an inner journey, the awakening of the imagination.

This show takes us far, far away. Original, interesting, unique, not to be deprived of it.