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Other themes

For many years, ATLANTID has created numerous salons close to its customers and the public. We try to organize colorful shows so that your events are unforgettable and unique, very beautiful water show with sound and light, very popular.
ATLANTID organizes and produces its shows on the occasion of local celebrations, corporate events, trade fairs, private galas committee…
The magic of water allows you to play or compose magnificent performances, you can play indoors and outdoors. Our teams will recommend the ideal framework for promoting your site. All our shows can be integrated into your events.
The explosion of colored jets and the dance of water on different music have a fascinating effect on the spectator. Unforgettable and magical spectacle.
Water has the power to make people happy with its positive effects on our senses.

ATLANTID offers you here a non-exhaustive list of these numerous fairs :

  • The four elements
  • Classical : diffusion of the greatest tunes of classical music
  • Current music : titles updated every year.
  • World music : South America, Africa, Ireland.
  • Film music :a choice of film music renewed each year
  • Medley : classical and contemporary music, Vienna waltzes.
  • Anniversary of Mickael Jackson’s death : a retrospective of his life with many extracts from his songs.
  • 30 years : Fall of the Berlin Wall from its construction to its fall that follows the reunification of Germany.

It’s up to you to transform your event into a unique spectacle that will amaze young and old who will be carried away by the travel of water