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The show with an orchestra

Show with Philharmonic orchestra and musicians

Accompany your philharmonic orchestra with our water jets shows. Match your concert with our fountains which go wonderfully well with your music.

The fountains will create a sumptuous spectacle and a setting punctuated by the movement of water jets on water !
Water has always been a source of inspiration for music, a natural phenomenon. It brings a visual presence of well-being in addition to your paintings or scenes.

The movements of the water jets combined with light and music will provide a complete spectacle. The water jets can play to the beat of the music. We will then attend a show orchestrated with your theatrical or musical works. A real water ballet !

Fountains and luminous water jets evolve to the rhythm of the music, fantastic !!
The fountains become a decorative element. A magicl fairytale dream The fountains are essential. The magic works immediately, your audience will spend a pleasant time, combining visuals and music
Dancing fountains with water jets can be perfectly combined with live performances, such as a concert or orchestra.
The water jets follow the music and the intensity of the jets varies according to the melody or the song.

The competence of our teams allows us to be able to play the fountains live with your musicians. Your show can be different every night to make a unique event. The stage or your theatrical space becomes an exchange between lighting, water and music.
We can also install fountains which can play continuously without intervention during your show at regular intervals.
The synchronization of the music with the water fountains gives a sensational and unusual effect to your creations.
The spectacle becomes strikingly beautiful, absolutely fantastic and sublime. A playful, majestic and visual spectacle.