fil d'ariane

Water Journey

Water is in men’s heart

This show is accompanied by music, jets and water screens. This show evokes the importance of water.

With this show, balanced between dynamism and poetry, ATLANTID invites you on a journey: that of water.

It is a dream, all in nuances, which leaves a lot of room for music, movement, games and the journey of water.
Path that could or should be yours“.

This text is not a lesson, but an artistic evocation inserting some notes of warning, so that water, this pearl, still shines.
To suggest, more than hammer, this spectacle, even if it is an awakening, is above all, an instant of pleasure and sharing.

It’s also about triggering images in the public’s imagination, showing that Water is capable of taking shape, sculpting reliefs, arousing emotions, taking you to lands as surprising as they are unknown.

« Water speaks endlessly and never repeats itself»Octavio Paz