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Water screens


The water “catches” the light, the image appears in space magically for a unique surprise effect.
Half ellipse screen and warhead, two techniques that we master perfectly. The two techniques protect the entire visual field, no structure is visible, the screen consists only of a film of water, it is an invisible veil. The images are sublimated by the projection on the water screen, the portraits, logos, acknowledgments, 3D animations, laser and films, give a different dimension to your messages.
The screen can be installed in a body of water or in our temporary pools. Water is sprayed from our fountains and the dimensions of our screens can reach 3 to 17 meters with a length of up to 45 meters depending on your needs.
The water screen can be integrated into a show or with other fountains. All our solutions can be composed together, they are incorporated into all types of events such as our own shows or your business seminars, private events, inaugurations, etc…

The projection on the water screen is done in an attractive and dynamic way, it is a modern and original concept. The water screen process is completely mastered by our technicians whose passion and creativity are limitless.
Out of operation, the structure is invisible, the public will be amazed and conquered to see photos or films appear before those structures. The surprise is breathtaking. We can also do mapping on screen.
One of the great advantages of the water screen is the surface on which you can project the images or films specific to the event you want unique. ATLANTID offers several screen sizes that can be combined together to provide an even more greater show .

For more information on laser shows on water screens, visit the site: Europe-Evénement

Video projection on screen: