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Turnkey or tailor-made, in our removable basins or on an existing body of water:

Atlandid uses Water and light shows special techniques in order to offer unique performance. We have the technical solutions to suit your imagination and personalize your show to make your dream come true.

We also provide numerous theme show, adapted to any public. These exceptionally dynamic shows use numerous water effects.

The synchronization of differents elements, water, light, and music creates a harmonious show. our show can be played on it’s own, or be part of an existing show, to create a unique aquatic scenery. It can be also accompanied by water screens, flames, laser, pyrotechnic effects.


In the night, our fountains are colorful, and brings a great visual, let the water to amaze you.

In the day, the fountains are becoming a landscape for your eyes pleasure, and ears creating a zen effect.

Fontaine dansante féerie eauThese effects are realized thanks to the use of one or many pumps with water effects. this technical choice allows us to make infinite combinations and to have a exceptional dynamic. We are the only company to offer a variety of effects that are this important. 

People will be amazed by the new dimension brought by the water to your space. The water got an attraction power with it’s captivating charm.
We manage form the complete installation o the disassembly during the time we are set to, respecting your layout. All of our systems are made in our workshop. Our shows can extend up to 100 meters, and 2 to 35 meters in height.

If you wish, we can collaborate with your  usual service providers.

Whatever your project, whatever your ideas, our specialized teams accompany you from concept development to completion.


List of our shows: