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Fountain Shows

In France and Worldwide

Atlantid produces dancing and luminous fountain shows in France and all over the world. These shows are adaptable, respectful of the environment and customizable in order to create unique, original events in your image.

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Atlantid - Jets d'eau bleus et violets

Original Events

How to make your event unique and personal, thanks to luminous and dancing fountains?
From the local show to the biggest international event. More and more present in the event industry, aquatic shows became essential for your performance, something unique for the audience’s eyes.

Atlantid - Photo de fontaines avec des jets d'eau oranges

A suitable installation

Our aquatic shows with our luminous and dancing water can adapt to any type of configuration: Thanks to our modular pool respecting your site’s aestheticism, no existing water plan is needed. To your existing structures: swimming pool, fountains... To water plan: pond, river, sea, pool... Our shows can be both performed during the day and during the night, both inside and outdoors according to your layouts.


Impressive Shows

Atlantid - Spectacle avec un cheval sur scène et des jets d'eau roses en arrière plan

Atlantid - Photo de flammes

Atlantid - Show personnalisé - Scène avec jets d'eau multicolores devant

Atlantid - Jets d'eau bleus et blancs sur fond de montagnes

Atlantid - Jets d'eau bleus et blancs sur fond de montagnes

Atlantid - Fontaines sèches éphémères de jour

Atlantid - Photo de jets d'eau blanc, bleu et rouge

Atlantid - Fontaine dansante rose et bleue

Atlantid - Spectacle de jets d'eau bleus

Atlantid - Marco Polo - Demi écran avec projection d'animation dessus

Atlantid - Jets d'eau droits rouges

Atlantid - Effets d'eau rouges et bleus

Le Havre City











Notable references

Atlantid - Jets d'eau géants violets et blancs

Respect of the Environment

Simple of assembly, the fountains does not degrade the environment and does not have any impact on the landscape. It doesn’t need any specific authorization and there isn’t any risk for the audience and the environment. Water jets shows are an alternative to other kind of risky shows if strong winds starts to blow. Our systems work in closed circuit without any wastage of water, and waters will be used for watering.

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