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How to make your event unique and personal, thanks to luminous and dancing fountains?
From the local show-(demonstration) to the biggest international event. More and more present in the event industry, aquatic shows became a essential for your performance, something unique for the audience’s eyes.

Atlandid invites you to discover these breathtaking water- jets which gives an additional dimension to your event. We are also specialized in water screens (projection) and water curtains with an experienced team in order to realize a unique and unforgettable event.
Water screening allows you to personalize your projects with your movies, pictures and holograms, no structure altering the place’s vision. It’s often used in night shows, to play with the lights and colors. Water screen is a way to communicate any logo projection, archives snippets, movies, animations, product launching.

We will be able to give you advice, about the luminous and dancing fountains setups which will depend from the site’s configuration and the size of your crowd..
Our know-how is well known in the event world through out the most influential references.

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Our shows

We give quality service to our customers.

The set up of a show

Our aquatic shows with our luminous and dancing water can adapt to any type of configuration:

Our shows can be both performed during the day and during the night, both inside and outdoors according to your layouts.

We will adapt to any kind of situation :

-Communal festival -National days -Historical celebrations
-Commemoration -Sound and lights -Birthdays
-Weddings -Inauguration and ceremony -Christmas
-Insides -Outdoors -Floating
-Business event -Special events

Respect of the environment

Simple of assembly (montage) , the fountains does not degrade the environment and does not have any impact on the landscape. It doesn’t need any specific authorization and there isn’t any risk for the audience and the environment.
Water jets shows are an alternative to other kind of risky shows if strong winds starts to blow. Our systems work in closed circuit without any wastage of water, and waters will be used for watering.

The floating fountains allow the oxygenation of the water by mixing in the pools, lakes or ponds where they are installed for the greatest happiness of the aquatic fauna and flora. Indeed, the jets of water disintegrating, comes into contact with the atmosphere and surrounding themselves with a film of air that falls back into the water and thus the air, the aquatic environment is thus regenerated. Strainers are installed on the pumps to protect the environment. Our shows do not generate any waste or residue.

The lighting of our fountains is achieved by LED spotlights that are energy efficient and much more durable. There is no noise, water jets are at the base of the Zen attitude, the only "noise" is that of the water that falls.

Water screens and water curtains

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Nos prestations


Sleek & Beautiful

Créateurs de spectacles

"L'eau, la lumière et la musique transportent vos spectateurs dans un monde imaginaire "

Sleek & Beautiful

Fontaines de décoration

"En intérieur, en extérieur, pour un mariage, une surface de vente, un restaurant, ..."

Sleek & Beautiful

Fabrication, Installation et Maintenance

"Depuis 1999, afin de répondre aux attentes de nos clients, nous concevons, fabriquons et installons nos fontaines... "

The Atlantid company

image satellite camions atlantid bureau atlantid

Created in 1999 by Patricia and Joël Montagne and taken over by Alexis Montagne in 2018, ATLANTID specializes in fountain shows. Our fountains have been enriched, innovated constantly to meet your needs over the years.

We have manufacturing and storage workshops of more than 1000 m² with study office, located in a park of 5 ha. In addition, we are preparing to install an interior plan and an exterior plan of 2200 m² to test our glasses and thus, offering unique creations and custom programming. All our show equipment are made in-house.

In France and abroad, our expertise in fountain shows allow us to work in many areas such as:
• The creation and implementation of shows.
• Study, manufacture and installation of installations.
• The maintenance of public or private fountains.
• Refurbishment of existing silversmith equipment.
• Any installations or interventions requiring a perfect control of the water.

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