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Aquatic shows will suit to any configuration types.

  • Thanks to our modular basins respecting the aesthetics of your site, no need for existing water plan
  • To your existing structures: pools, fountains …
  • At water plan : pond, river, pond …
  • Roof of hotel, hotel, football stadium, podium, pyramid of the Louvre, beach, indoor sports ground, theater …

Our shows can be proposed day or night, indoors, or outdoors depending on your facilities.

For your personal or professional events, our fountain installations are available in your establishments or outside.
The installation is fast and convenient because we can install them everywhere.

Our structures are made to be installed quickly and everywhere. We can install shows in our removable pools to be established in a town hall, a square or a football stadium. If you have a water plan: pool, pond, river all our systems can be floating.
There is no place where fountains can not be installed.

Thanks to our know-how we can realize indoor shows, we master perfectly the techniques allowing the realization of indoor shows, safely as in theaters or on indoor sports fields.

The installation of a fountain show does not require any special permission.