Atlantid - Red straight water jets


Atlantid allows you to set up shows in accordance with the theme of your event. From historical commemorations to Christmas, including birthdays! Customize your dancing and luminous fountain shows to make them match your expectations. Add music, water screens, flames or even lasers for a breathtaking and memorable performance!

Atlantid - Blue and red water jets

Christmas / Saint Nicolas

The magic of Christmas is revealed through our fountain shows combined with our water screens, snow machines, lasers and many more.

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Atlantid - Blue and purple water jets

Commemoration 1944

Our dancing and luminous fountains help to commemorate historical events such as the Second World War.

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Atlantid - Purple water jets

La Belle Époque

Immerse yourself in the heart of the last century and the Belle Époque thanks to majestic fountain shows.

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Atlantid - Show of blue, purple and orange water jets

Marco Polo

Follow the adventures of Marco Polo through a family-friendly show that will take you on a journey to many countries.

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Atlantid - Water jets inside a building

Inaugurations, anniversaries

Whether it’s about commemorations or official ceremonies, opt for personalized fountain shows thanks to Atlantid.

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Atlantid - Fountain shows with blue water jets at night

Water Journey

The show Le voyage de l’eau transports you to a world where water is at the heart of attention. A moment of pleasure and sharing.

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Atlantid - Photo of a stage with a fountain show in the background at night

Show with an Orchestra

The show with orchestra allows a perfect harmony between music and water jets. The intensity of the jets varies with the rhythm of the melodies.

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Atlantid - Photo fountain with pink and green water jets

Other Themes

Atlantid offers you the opportunity to request a fountain show on the theme of your choice.

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