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Decorative fountains


Unique entertainment indoors, outdoors, for an event, for a wedding, a fashion show, a sales area, a restaurant, etc…
With two surfaces available, 3 × 3 meters or 3 × 6 meters to enhance all your events. For exceptional occasions, the dimensions can be larger.
For your Zen garden or your water park, in order to represent a landscape or nature, on a small surface, we offer you our decorative fountains, so there is no need to dig for water plan.
Fontaines de décoration intérieurInterior decoration fountains LED lighting adds a touch of color to add an even more impressive, surprising effect.
Our decorative fountains can transform your event whether you are in a shopping center, a public square, an establishment or any other place into a welcoming and unique place. In addition, thanks to our know-how, our fountains require little maintenance and are easy to use.
We design decorative fountains for permanent installations or for your events.
The presence of a water point in your garden creates a special place that invites relaxation and allows your spirit to escape.

The installation of a fountain is very trendy and design. The charm of the object, the soft sound of water, its aesthetics will enhance your place. The fountain has the great advantage of being able to integrate easily. All places can be considered to install a fountain.
You will not fail to be amazed by the aesthetic rendering that this fountain brings within your location, garden and also by the benefits it can offer you.
The ambiance and the sound of water generated by the fountain will also transport you to a universe of relaxation, away from stress.
Our fountains can be equipped with colored LED spots to create a custom atmosphere. Our fountains can operate in a closed circuit if you are not lucky enough to have a source.