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Giant fountains


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This show, offers the particularity, thanks to powerful pumps, to propel 35 meters jets, to create a grand event.

On a facade from 20 to 100 meters, this show can also be accompanied by water screen, our fountains, other effects of shows …

Viewers will be captivated by the large span of these water jets, the fountains can be added to the dancing fountains and musical fountains to give an unequaled dimension to your creations. The giant fountains have an important visibility to be seen by a great number of people.

Thanks to the giant fountains, the show is safe. Each show has a choreography of water jets and different music. Jets of water spring from any part to reach impressive heights. The light projectors associated with directional water jets offer many combinations.

These fountains are impressive and are therefore visible to the greatest number of people all around the show. The lights are striking on the effects of water and water effects.